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Release Agent RE-101
    發布時間: 2018-12-18 15:40    
Release agent for general products require good peel offer power and transparency

1. Good peel off power, easy to peel off when transfer 
2. It is applied to products with curved or small surface
3. Excellent cutting edge

Solvent : MEK and TOL 
Dilute ratio:MEK : TOL  =1:1 
Recommended dilution ratio: Release agent : solvent =7: 3 
(Dilute ratio can be adjusted according to the actual printing conditions) 

Usage Details:
1. Weigh 1.5kg MEK and 1.5kg TOL in a bucket, mix fully.
2. Take another bucket, weight 7kg release agent, then add with above solvent, mix fully. 
3. Recommend printing speed : 80m/minute
 (the printing speed is adjusted according to the actual drying effect)
4. Drying temperature: 90℃

1. Room temperature shall be kept between 5-20℃, and avoid direct sunlight.
2. It shall be fully blended (automatic blender) when reusing after long-term storage.

If you need to coat several layers of ink, it’s better test before use this release agent, in case it may cause ink layers crack.