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Release Agent RE-100
    發布時間: 2018-12-17 16:50    
Work with general release agent to strengthen the peel off power, specialized for which requires good peel off power and excellent cutting edge.

Use method:

Diluting solvent: MET : water = 2:1
Printing roller meshes: 225 meshes

Dilution ratio: 
-Metal (preheating product) 
Water based release agent: solvent =1:2
Drying temperature: 90℃ above
Printing speed: 90m/min

Stationary products :
Water based release agent:solvent =1:4
Drying temperature: 90℃ above
Printing speed: 90m/min

Strengthen the peel offer power as needed.
Strengthen the surface scratch resistance and abrasive resistance

Store in shady places at the indoors at temperature of 5~25℃
Blend sufficiently when use after long-term storage

It applies to the products requires high transfer printing speed to improve the
production efficiency
It applies to those preheating products 

Please keep it dry sufficiently because it is a water-based product.
(Please operate after judging the continues operation depending on the dryness performance of dryer)