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Protective Layer RE-002 Product
    發布時間: 2018-12-18 16:37    
Protective layer for aluminum products RE-002

Help to achieves gold, silver and other metal effects after metalizing

Solvent: MEK
Printing mesh: 175 ~ 200 meshes
Technical formula: coloring agent:solvent:curing agent=20:3:16

Usage details:

1. Weigh 4 kg of MEK and put it into the clean bucket, then add 0.75 kg of curing agent to mix fully. 
2. Then take another clean bucket, weigh 5 kg of coloring agent into the bucket. Add dye stir and add above solvent. 
3. Drying temperature: 90℃
4. Printing speed: 80-100 m/min 
(Printing speed is adjusted according to the actual drying effect of stove).

1. Excellent transparency and temperature resistance which guarantee the brightness after  metalizing
2. High hardness resin improves the scratch resistance and abrasive resistance.

Storage method:
1. Room temperature shall be kept between 5-20℃, and avoid direct sunlight.
2. It shall be fully blended (automatic blender) when reusing after long-term storage.

The ratio of curing agent can be adjusted depending on your actual situation.

Due to strong moisture absorption performance, we strongly suggest you never do metalizing in raining days 

 *  The above info is for reference only. There is difference in all conditions according to the enterprise's machine and printing process. In case of questions, please contact Technology Department of our company.